ROTC Requirements

The Army ROTC curriculum includes:

  1. Basic Course (Basic Leadership) consists of Freshman and Sophomore level courses that are offered to all students as Troy University ‘General Studies’ free elective credit with no military obligation. The basic course or equivalent is required to continue into the Advanced Course. Soldiers who’ve successfully completed U.S. Army Basic Training may receive placement credit for their military experience. The Basic Leadership Course Curriculum includes:
    • MSL 1101 - Foundations of Officership / MSL 1104 - Military Basic Leadership Lab I-A
    • MSL 1102 - Basic Leadership / MSL 1105 - Military Basic Leadership Lab I-B
    • MSL 2201 - Individual Leadership Studies / MSL 2204 - Military Basic Leadership Lab II-A
    • MSL 2202 - Leadership & Teamwork / MSL 2205 Military Basic Leadership Lab II-B
  2. Advanced Course (Officer Development Course) consists of Junior and Senior level courses that are only available to juniors, seniors and Graduate Students that have met the qualifications of the Basic Course. The Advanced Course (also the Military Science Minor) Curriculum includes:
    • MSL 3301 - Leadership & Problem-Solving / MSL 3304 - Military Advanced Leadership Lab III-A
    • MSL 3302 - Leadership & Ethics / MSL 3305 - Military Advanced Leadership Lab III-A
    • MSL 4401 - Leadership & Management / MSL 4404 - Military Advanced Leadership Lab IV-A
    • MSL 4402 - Officership / MSL 4405 - Military Advanced Leadership Lab IV-B
    • U.S. Military History Course.
    • Cadets must receive their Bachelor’s degree and successfully complete the Army ROTC curriculum in order to receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant (2LT).

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