University Activities CouncilThe purpose of the University Activities Council (UAC) is to serve students by providing for their social well being through a coordinated program of activities appealing to a broad student base. Programs may be tailored to specific interests and requests.  All programs will conform to acceptable standards.  




The UAC will cultivate the social skills of the university community and strive to improve upon the personal standard of ethics and values while providing opportunities that enhance the sense of the university.



In support of the tradition at TROY University, the UAC board members will become actively involved in the social life of students in all aspects outside the classroom. Lastly, these learning opportunities will add to one’s life experiences, creating future community leaders and enlightened citizens.


UAC Committee Member Meeting: 
Every Monday @ 5:00pm
Trojan Center, room 212. Holidays not included!


Chairman: Jessica Jaimes | Email: | Phone: (334) 670-5768