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Career Exploration


Career exploration is the process of identifying your interests, skills, values, and individuality that will help you reach career and life goals. By identifying these attributes you will be able to look at yourself in a more critical way that will help you develop goals for yourself, and a plan of action on how to obtain these goals and aspirations that you have set for yourself. The Career Services office is here to help you in your exploration. We provide one-on-one career counseling, career exploration and planning classes, as well as workshops designed to help you in your search. Visit or call the Career Services office to set up an appointment with the career counselor or to ask a question. We are here to help you reach your goals.

Interest and Skill Assessment

Career Services offers a variety of assessments to help students and alumni clarify their interests, skills, and values.

The following assessments are free of charge and available on-line for all Troy University students and Alumni.

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss the results of any of these assessments with a career counselor.


FOCUS will help you develop an accurate picture of your personal strengths, needs, and preferences; and will help you develop a sound career plan. (Email your name and student id to to request an access code.)


SIGI3 integrates self-assessment with in-depth and up-to-date career information that is easy to use and provides students and adults with a realistic view of the best educational and career options for their future success. (Email your name and student id to to request an access code.)

O*Net is the new online replacement for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Use O*Net's "Skills Search" to explore and identify your skills, with an opportunity to consider careers related to your skills.

Exploration Checklist

First Year - Explore Careers

  • Assess your interests, values, and skills by visiting with a career counselor in Career Services
  • Register for a Career Development course like Career Exploration and Planning Course.
  • Explore part-time employment through the Career Services
  • Seek career-related summer employment on your own or by attending the Student Job and Internship Fairs.
Sophomore - Gain Experience

  • See a Career Services Counselor to assist in the identification and clarification of your career options.*
  • Choose a college major, if you have not already done so.
  • Attend an Internship Orientation session for internships at the end of your sophomore year.
  • Develop an initial resume for use in applying for internships and part-time/summer employment.
  • Seek an internship or career-related summer job on your own or through the Student Job and Internship Fair.

Junior - Develop Skills

  • Use your interests, abilities, and values to set career goals
  • Conduct informational interviews with people currently working in your field of interest.
  • Participate actively in career-related student organizations.
  • Attend the Fall and Spring career fairs including the Student Job and Internship Fair; or better yet, volunteer to help!

Senior - Finalize Plans

  • Revise your resume, have it critiqued at Career Services.
  • Apply to Graduate or Professional school. Have Career Services critique your Personal Statement.
  • Research employers using the Career Services Resource Library and website.