Montgomery Campus

The Center for Student Success has merged several existing student support offices to provide a central environment of support to help our students navigate their journey toward academic achievement. This journey will begin with testing, assessment, and advisement and will continue through accommodation, remediation, and follow-up services and programs. Our combined efforts will increase retention and enrollment and student success from their initial entry on the Montgomery Campus to their graduation.

The Center for Student Success unites the following services:

Student Development Advising, Fifth Floor, Whitley Hall

Undergraduate Academic Advisors will work with Conditional, First Year, Undeclared and identified “At Risk” students. We will assist the students with academic requirements, counseling, evaluating test scores, problem solving, scheduling, and tutoring in English, computers and math. We will continue to educate students on how to use Trojan Web Express and how to pick classes. Periodic seminars and workshops will be conducted to lead students to success. Once we increase their readiness level, the students will be able to transition easily to their faculty advisor.

Career Services, Room 219, Whitley Hall

Assists students with their career development needs. By creating career goals, and developing a career plan, our student have a better chance of attaining a rewarding career. Assessing skills and interests, researching occupations and learning job hunting techniques will result in employment opportunities.

Disabilities Services, Room 323a and 324, Whitley Hall

This office provides accessible programs, services, activities and reasonable accommodations for any student with a documented disability as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Ace of 1973, as amended, and by the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) of 1990.

Student Support Services (TRIO), Suite 304, Bartlett Hall

A federally funded program that assists eligible students with attaining their educational goals in an environment that is supportive for academic success. Services include career and college planning, advising in course selection, counseling and academic tutoring.

Testing Center, Room 500, Whitley Hall

The testing center remains an active part of our student success efforts and continues to offer placement, proctored, makeup and ACT Residual testing.

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