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Keep your finger on the pulse of current events and immerse yourself in the written world of ideas with a degree in multimedia journalism. Whether your passion is digital media, newspaper writing, radio, television, or public relations and advertising, the multimedia journalism program will polish your prose and streamline your style, prepping you for a career in the field of your dreams.

Since opening its doors more than 40 years ago, the Hall School of Journalism and Communication has developed a strong reputation for preparing students in a high quality, academically rigorous, yet relevant, program. Today, the School continues to earn its strong reputation through our innovative use of emerging and online technologies. This is coupled with real world, hands-on experience that makes the difference when our graduates enter the job market.

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Multimedia Journalism Major, Multimedia Journalism Minor, Broadcast Journalism Major, Broadcast Journalism Minor (Visit the Undergraduate Catalog)

Master of Science in Strategic Communication


Prospective Undergraduate Students

By now, you know that a journalism and communication degree can open the door to a vibrant and exciting future and a wide range of career opportunities. The question you are probably facing now is: Why should I attend Troy University and the Hall School of Journalism and Communication?

Building your career in the dynamic world of multimedia journalism and communications takes knowledge, skill, experience and confidence. These are the strengths and directions of the Hall School of Journalism and Communication.

As you explore this web site, you will learn about our degrees, programs, facilities and faculty. You will also see how these come together to help you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in life. But the Hall School of Journalism and Communication goes beyond the typical educational classroom experience to include hands-on activities designed to build skills and experience.

Many schools talk about their hands-on curriculum. At Troy, we will show you how our innovative curriculum connects the academics of our program with the real world.

For example:

• Our broadcast students air two live, award-winning 30-minute news programs every class day.
• Our print students publish the award-winning student newspaper, Tropolitan.
• Our public relations students pick a client and build a complete PR campaign for that client every year.
• Our advertising students build ad campaigns that help them get jobs after graduation.
•All Hall School of Journalism and Communication students learn how to create and work with digital and social media.
• All Hall School of Journalism and Communication students are required to complete an internship.

We know at Troy that journalism and communication students must learn how to think critically, write clearly and express ideas, along with acquiring the skills and experience needed to succeed. They must also learn to meet problems head-on and to use their newly acquired skills to find creative solutions. To help in this process, the school’s faculty members and professional staff serve as professors, mentors and coaches in the process. We also play the role of cheerleader as we encourage you to grow and mature as journalists and communicators.

Your classmates will include students from around the world. Their diversity and views will enrich your life, expand your view of the world and help you understand the growing importance of global communications. Troy also offers a growing number of study abroad opportunities allowing students to work on their college degrees while traveling around the world.

Journalism and communications are competitive fields. In order to succeed, you need a strong education and real skills from a school with an outstanding reputation in the industries it serves. As you compare schools, you will find that Hall School of Journalism and Communication graduates can be found in newsrooms, agencies, firms and corporations across the nation and around the world.

You are embarking on and exciting and remarkable journey towards your future. If you want to learn the skills, both cognitive and real-world, need to launch your career in journalism and communications, you need to schedule a visit to Troy University’s Hall School of Journalism and Communication, the hallmark of excellence in communication education. We look forward to showing you how Troy’s strengths can work for you.


From the Director:

Dr. Padgett
Welcome to Troy University’s Hall School of Journalism and Communication. I am grateful that you are considering this outstanding program for your education.

College is all about opportunities. Parents see the opportunities that open up for their children who graduate from college.

Students have the opportunity to start making decisions for themselves, to make new, and sometimes, lifelong friends and develop the tools needed to compete in today’s society.

The Hall School of Journalism and Communication and Troy University can enhance those opportunities.

From media symposia and workshops to lectures, plays, concerts and Division I athletics, students here can learn outside, as well as inside, the classroom.

And that outside has become much bigger for Troy University. With a growing number of international students, as well as more and more chances to study abroad, the world has opened up for Troy students in ways not possible just a decade ago.

The opportunities don’t stop at graduation. The Journalism Alumni Association, for instance, helps graduates with networking and careers. It also provides a sure way to stay connected to Troy University and its graduates.

In short, I believe the Hall School of Journalism and Communication and Troy University are rich with opportunity. And we’d like to share that with you because college is not about missed opportunities but explored opportunities.

I hope that after you explore Troy University’s world of journalism and communication education, you will allow us to have the opportunity to work with you in the Hall School of Journalism and Communication.


Dr. Steven Padgett

Director and Professor


Troy University
Hall School of Journalism and Communication
103 Wallace Hall
Troy, AL 36082 (USA)
Telephone: (334) 670-3289 | Email:

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