Annual Giving

What is Annual Giving?

Annual GivingEvery year, we call TROY’s loyal alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff to ask them to support the University. The money raised in this drive goes into the Annual Fund which impacts virtually everything at the University.

Our mission is to encourage donors to support the University at every dollar level and to help spread the message that gifts of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated by the University. Annual support from alumni, friends, faculty and staff is a vital element to Troy University’s mission of maintaining a tradition of excellence in education and public service.

Why Does Annual Giving Matter?

Annual gifts enable Troy University to provide resources not covered by tuition or state funding. No student at the University graduates without having been touched in some way by annual gifts from alumni and friends.

Your contribution can make an impact immediately by providing a student with a scholarship and helping faculty, staff and students attend academic conferences. Your gift can also have a long-term effect by helping us purchase equipment, or other needed resources.

Every contribution – regardless of size – will make a difference for our students, faculty, and staff.

Many of the traditions, activities and programs you loved as a TROY student, along with those you have come to enjoy as a friend of the institution, can remain a part of the University through annual support. Click here to make a gift today in support of your TROY Trojans!

Annual Giving Programs

Faculty/Staff Campaign

2017 Faculty Staff Campaign
Your gift to the Faculty Staff Campaign is an opportunity to make a positive statement in support of giving to TROY. When we give, we inspire others to support the University. You can give $5, $50, $500 or more. The most important thing is to get involved at a level that is meaningful to you.


Get Involved
With one gift, you can help change lives. Use our simple online form to setup a payroll deduction, download and print the form to return at your convenience or attend an event and give in person!



One of TROY's greatest strengths is its dedicated faculty and staff. One important way faculty and staff members can demonstrate their commitment to the University is through support of the Faculty and Staff Campaign for the Annual Fund. As a member of the Troy University faculty and staff, you are the guiding force behind this University’s remarkable success and have made TROY a vibrant community with a growing reputation. When faculty and staff say “YES” in supporting TROY, it sends a powerful message to alumni and friends outside of the University. Support of TROY demonstrates a belief in the programs faculty and staff work with on a daily basis. A high percentage of participation encourages others to support the University as well. Collectively, our efforts and commitment to our University have made a huge difference.

Dionne Rosser-Mims, (Ph.D.)

As educators and staff members of Troy University, you have observed the most timorous of students flourish into commendable and cultivated individuals. At every corner in their college careers, you are who our students have turned to for support, guidance and inspiration. The echoes of your commitment to our University have been felt throughout our community and nation for generations. It is only by your continued support of TROY that the same impact can be felt in the future.


To ensure that our current and prospective students are given as much devotion as we have shown our past students, your assistance must go beyond your everyday work. By donating to Troy University, you are guaranteeing its growth. TROY is a family, a diverse network of people with one common goal—purposeful education. Our donors are the nutrients that feed our roots and allow them to spread and propagate. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” With your donations, this change can be accomplished now and for many years to come.


Your reputation as the world’s best educators and staff rests on your shoulders. Your donations will continue to encourage TROY to develop and produce reputable students. Any amount will benefit our University, and we look forward to adding you to the lists of people who saw promise and potential in TROY and made financial contributions to ensure its future.



Dionne Rosser-Mims, (Ph.D.)

Associate Dean of the College of Education

While we need everyone to give generously, your participation, at any level, is what counts and will show prospective corporate and foundation donors that our faculty and staff believe in the future of Troy University. With the ability to restrict your donation to your own department or area of interest, you have the opportunity to make a difference for the University while supporting a department or area important to you.

Business Partners Program

The Troy University Business Partners is a special giving club for businesses and corporations interested in the success and growth of Troy University. They have converted their pride in our University to a commitment and have become a Business Partner with an annual gift.

Our purpose is to provide unrestricted support of the academic programs for students at Troy University. Enrichment of these programs helps us attract the best students, retain and recruit the finest faculty and increase the value of each Troy University diploma.

The goal of the Business Partners is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with businesses in areas surrounding each of the four Alabama campuses of Troy University. These relationships provide annual support for the University and its faculty, staff and students.

Business Partners give $100 or more annually to the Business Partners Program with a three-year commitment. Partners will be listed in New Student Orientation packets provided to incoming students and will also receive invitations to special campus events and receptions. Business Partners have the satisfactions of knowing that they have enhanced the academic environment for students at Troy University. There’s no better time than now to join the Business Partners!

Click here to see a list of our current Business Partners

Phonathon Program

The Phonathon Program is held year-round. It is an opportunity for TROY alumni to talk with a current student and inform the University of any change of address, job or family information. Our student callers speak with approximately 100,000 alumni and friends via our state-of-the-art call center every year.

The Phonathon program provides an opportunity to make alumni aware of the latest campus endeavors and invite their support of the TROY Annual Fund with an annual gift. The TROY Annual Fund supports a wide range of programs; including scholarships, equipment, faculty and student development and the library areas that add real value to every student on a daily basis.

Our student callers are energetic, enthusiastic and love TROY. They are the “authority” on what is happening here. Many of them are the very students who receive financial assistance through gifts to the Annual Fund. When one of our callers contact you, please take time to talk with them and please be generous with your support.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Bronda Denison
Director of Annual Giving
301 Adams Administration Building
Troy, AL 36082
Phone: (334) 670-5843
Fax: (334) 670-5855

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