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Troy University

Why eTROY?

Let's face it: Life is complicated. Between work commitments, family, and all the other responsibilities you're juggling, the idea of carving yet more time out of your life to commute to campus can seem daunting, if not impossible. That's why Troy University's eTROY program is the perfect fit with online classes you can schedule to fit your life. All of the resources of a world-class university including stellar faculty and your ideal degree program available from your home or office. That's the power of eTROY. A comprehensive, competitive education that you can complete anytime, anywhere.

How Students Learn at eTROY

Ever wondered exactly how online students complete their course work through distance learning courses? Troy University uses the Blackboard Learning Management System, which makes it simple for anyone to learn, no matter their technical experience. Students participate in online discussions, take online assessments, and have valuable opportunities to collaborate with both the instructor and fellow classmates. Introduction to Online Learning is a sample course that will allow prospective students to test drive an online course by looking around and seeing for themselves how simple online learning can be for those who are ready to get started.

Ready for Online Learning?

The online learning environment is quite different from a traditional classroom. The flexibility of meeting asynchronously allows students who cannot attend class at a specific location, the ability to obtain their degree in their spare time. Online courses move quickly, so it is important for the online learner to be motivated and disciplined to keep up with course work. Your ability to work as an independent learner will determine your success. To ensure you are prepared for online learning, take the PREPARE Assessment today.

Online Learning

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Alumni Testimonial

As a full-time mom and employee, I chose eTROY because of the convenience that the online courses offered me while earning my graduate degree. With my degree, I am able to compete with others in my field for career advancement. The eTROY courses offer a welcoming environment that encourages student success.
I attended eTROY not only for the courses but also because TROY offers an excellent education that worked with my schedule. I was able to continue full-time employment, while seeking an advanced degree. I chose eTROY because the Troy University brand is synonymous with quality. In addition, the accelerated format meant that I could complete my degree in a shorter time span. I came here just as a student but graduated into the Trojan Family.


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