Getting Started

Online education gives you the opportunity to advance your learning without having to come to the Troy campus. The online courses are conducted entirely through the Internet, allowing you to receive assignments, submit coursework, and interact with your professor and other students via your computer. The courses are primarily asynchronous, which means you don't have to be at your computer at the same time as others. You will spend much of your time reading and responding by sending messages within the online classroom environment.

To get started simply follow the steps below.

  1. Need some information?
    You can quickly get answers to most of your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  2. How online learning works.
    Before you apply for your program of study please complete the Orientation module to see if online learning is for you.

  3. Find a degree program.
    To view our degree programs visit our degree programs page.

  4. Review the admission requirements.

    The admission policies of TROY are designed to meet your needs. Most applicants who have a high school diploma or the equivalent can be admitted and register for undergraduate courses. In most cases, neither transcripts nor test scores are required at the time of admission. By the end of the first semester, a student who plans to earn a degree at TROY must make sure that official transcripts have been sent from each institution previously attended.

    View admission requirements: Undergraduate | Graduate

  5. Complete the online application for admission.

    If this is your first online course at Troy University you'll need to complete an application for admission. Remember to include your application fee, and request official transcripts from any school you have attended.

    After you complete the application for admission you will receive notification of your status and guidance on how to complete the final steps to becoming a TROY student.

    View TROY application for admission

  6. Advising
    Once you are admitted to a Troy University online degree program you receive by email your administrative counselor and faculty advisor name for a graduate program and your professional counselor name for an undergraduate program. If you are unsure of who your advising staff is please call toll-free at 800-414-5756 or email at Please be sure to have you student id number and your home location.

  7. Paying for your course.
    If you would like to apply for financial aid to cover the costs of your degree program you can do that before you apply to Troy University.

    You will pay for your course and other fees on Trojan Web Express, a secure, interactive web application that allows current students to easily view their student data.

  8. What is Blackboard?
    Troy University uses the Blackboard software as our online learning system. Blackboard is an online course management system accessed via a Web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, etc.).

    Students and faculty/staff members will use the Blackboard site to access course/site documents, research links and library resources, receive and deliver completed assignments electronically, take tests, and communicate with each other.

    Although communication is generally asynchronous (i.e., you don't have to log in at a certain time), the actual course content is very structured. Normally assignments will be grouped by weeks or by modules and will be due on certain dates chosen by the instructor. Online classes are not easier than on-campus classes; in fact, many times they are more difficult because the student has to be very self-motivated.

    Enrollment in Blackboard is automatic once you register for online classes.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions you may revisit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Or, you may call 1-800-414-5756 to speak with one of our representatives or email at

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