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International Student Scholarship Application

International Education Scholarship (IES)

This scholarship is available to new international undergraduate students who meet a specific set of requirements at the point of admission. The scholarship is equal to a tuition discount of approximately $5,779 (based on 24 credit hours in the first academic year) or about $7,224 (based on 30 credit hours in the first academic year).

To Qualify: In order to obtain this scholarship students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have home GPA equal to/higher than 2.0 US GPA or approximately 70%;
  • Complete the scholarship application form;
  • Submit a one page resume/cv of their accomplishments
  • Complete the remaining admission requirements by the time of submission.

Deadline: Rolling. This scholarship is awarded on a selective, need and/or qualified basis to international undergraduate students that meet the selection conditions above.

Obligations: In order to keep this scholarship, you must be enrolled full-time in academic courses (minimum 12 hours) each semester and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0. This Scholarship is for the UNDERGRADUATE enrollment ONLY. Students accepting this scholarship should make themselves available to assist the International Office during various activities and projects, such as a cultural presentation of your home country.

What does this mean in real $$$: Tuition deduction per year based on 24 credit hours would be about $5,500 or $7,000 when taking 30 credit hours. Approximately total cost per academic year after discount would be approximately $20,000.

NOTE: Achieve 3.0 CGPA and at least 30 credit/hours in your first year to upgrade to Honor Scholarship, see below.

Honor’s Scholarship (Troy Campus only)

The Honor’s Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate international students whose home location is Troy Campus and achieve a 3.0 GPA after completing 30 semester hours of academic credit at Troy University. The scholarship pay 50% of out of state tuition, excluding any additional fees assigned. Students currently on any other Troy University scholarship or currently paying only in-state tuition are not eligible to receive this scholarship.

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate students are eligible to compete for a limited number of Graduate Assistantships. Please refer to to determine currently available positions. All applicants for a Graduate Assistantship must apply online.

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