Troy University understands the importance of military training and professional military education (PME) and appreciates that this preparation is often deserving of the award of credit. To that end, the university offers a military operations minor in its Associate of Science in General Education (A.S.G.E.) degree and across a broad range of the university’s bachelor degree programs. This minor allows for the award of up to 18 hours of academic credit for PME and military training as recommended by the American Council of Education (ACE).

The university also awards credit for passing a range of
CLEP and DANTES exams. Military students who have already completed these exams should have scores submitted to the university as soon as possible for a determination of the award of credit. Military students who are considering taking these exams should work with the university’s admissions staff to discuss which exams are the best fit for degree programs under consideration and which exams might yield the maximum amount of credit award in a given program.

Naturally, the university will also award academic credit for equivalent post-secondary coursework completed at regionally accredited colleges and universities with a grade of C or above.

TROY University also offers its students a considerable degree of flexibility in program delivery. Students are able to complete course work in class at one of TROY’s 17 teaching locations around the country and around the world. The in-class schedules at some locations include traditional weekday offerings for those who seek the traditional college experience while others offer a choice of evening and / or weekend options for working professionals and those with family obligations.

And, the university also offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs entirely online through the college’s award winning and highly recognized eTROY.     

Our military personnel and veterans have made so many sacrifices in their service to our country—time away from home and family, risking their lives in order to protect our freedom. At TROY, we want to do all we can to honor those sacrifices by offering personalized assistance and multiple options for active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families as they continue their education. That’s been our tradition since 1950, when we established our first on-base extension programs. Today, we’re proud to continue that tradition.