Rosa Parks

100th Birthday Wishes Project


What is your wish for your community and country?

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In honor of the occasion of Rosa Parks’ 100th birthday celebration, February 4, 2013, the Troy University Rosa Parks Museum has partnered with the Mobile Studio to wish Rosa Parks a Happy Birthday.  We are asking you to reflect on Mrs. Parks‘ vision for her city and country during her life time and write down their own vision and wishes for their city and country today as a birthday tribute to Mrs. Parks. The birthday wishes/visions will be collected by the Museum and  will become both graphic messages and visions for community transformation that take inspiration from the past, add engagement in the present toward actions that will change the future for the benefit of us all.


The birthday wishes will be sorted and 1,000 will be chosen from the Montgomery area and 1,000 from around the state and country and transformed into 200 poster designs (100 for Montgomery and 100 state and nation.  They will be used in the Feb. 4, 2013 Birthday Celebration at the Davis Theatre.


This birthday celebration is designed as more than a remembrance or even an event, it is an unfolding process of education and engagement with our sense of place designed to activate wishes inspired by Rosa Parks into the future. You may send your wishes by email to or fax to (334) 241-5435


Gala Production:
The complete poster series will be presented at the on February 4th, 2013 at the 100th Birthday Celebration of Rosa Parks at the Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts. 


100 Wishes Exhibition:
The Mobile Studio proposes a final exhibition of the entire work including: the children’s original letters, the hand made paper, the silkscreen prints, the wish maps and photomontage proposals.


Mobile Studio:



The Mobile Studio is an intermedia collective that studies, re-presents and re-imagines contemporary Alabama landscapes through co-creative art making and events in the field. Between art, landscape architecture, public history and community engagement, we bring a resourceful ingenuity to making a next generation of vibrant civic places.


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Please make a donation. Your gift will not only help celebrate Rosa Parks Birthday on February 4, 2013, but will extend further into the community as our young people learn the skills necessary to become leaders who inspire adults and children alike throughout their neighborhoods.