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BSBA Global Business - Information Systems



The Sorrell College of Business is dedicated to helping you obtain the knowledge you need to become a valuable member of the global society.

The BSBA in Global Business - Information Systems will prepare you to contribute to the management of information systems on the global stage. There is a lot to learn, but information system professionals must know how to use information technology to solve business problems, requiring knowledge of business methods and processes as well as the latest information technology solutions.

Your degree will provide you a solid foundation on a range of subjects and a focus on international business issues. Along the way, you will develop critical thinking abilities and analytical skills, a combination in high demand in global commerce. 

The BSBA in Global Business - Information Systems also provides you the opportunity to develop your own international network of peers, as many of your classmates will be international students, bringing different perspectives and opinions into significant discussions about issues. This global perspective will greatly increase your career options in both developed and emerging economies.

The latest research indicates that information system careers are among the fastest growing opportunities. TROY graduates can expect to work throughout the organization, by assisting in the design and development of innovative information systems in many of the fastest growing industries. The problem-solving and project management skills you will develop in the degree program are valuable to employers and sought after by both profit and nonprofit organizations.

The Sorrell College of Business is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals, affordably and effectively. Using educational technologies, courses are blended using face-to-face and online opportunities that maximize the return on your investment of time and money. Learning to work collaboratively, whether physically present or virtually, is critical in global commerce.

As a TROY graduate with a BSBA in Global Business - Information Systems degree, you can have confidence in your abilities, a wealth of knowledge and an international network of friends. You will be a global citizen, ready to apply your critical thinking skills and technical knowledge to solve real world business issues at home and overseas.

Troy University provides you with:

  • A global perspective
  • Valuable knowledge and skills
  • Real world business experience
  • Academically and professionally qualified and experienced faculty
  • Diverse student population
  • Technically focused courses

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