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Resource and Technology Management



With the ever-expanding application of technology comes an increasing need for people who are trained and equipped with specific technical knowledge. That’s where a degree in Resource and Technology Management comes in. Choose from a variety of fields in which to specialize (aircraft maintenance, electronics, military science, and many more), and embark on your career with the technical expertise and confidence you need to succeed by choosing Troy University's Bachelor of Applied Science in Resource and Technology Management (BAS-RTM).

The BAS-RTM degree is designed to build on what students bring to the table from technical studies they have completed at other institutions. Credit will be awarded for specialized technical knowledge based upon one or all of the following: American Council of Education credit recommendations, credit for experiential learning that has been evaluated by Troy University faculty and approved by the appropriate dean, or transfer work from regionally accredited post-secondary community colleges or technical schools as approved by the Troy University Academic Council.

Specialized technical knowledge and course work will normally be recognized in the following areas which are incorporated under the BAS-RTM program:

- Acquisitions/Contracts
- Air Traffic Control
- Aircraft Maintenance
- Aviation Operations
- Contracts and Acquisitions
- Electronics
- Fire Science
- Military Science
- Restaurant/Culinary (non-Alabama campuses only)
- Other Approved Technical Areas

NOTE: Specializations are not available in fields of study that are offered through Troy University as majors, programs, or minors. For a student to qualify for the transfer of technical credit from a regionally accredited community college or technical school, he or she must have a minimum of 18 semester hours of transferable credit (in the same technical field) with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

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