Directions to Tyndall AFB site: 

Travel south from Panama City on Highway 98 toward Tyndall AFB (toward Mexico Beach).  Crossing over the Dupont bridge puts you on the Air Force Base.

If you do not have access to the base and are here for a class, take a right at the first traffic light and stop at the gate. Tell the guard you are there for classes at Troy University. Your name will be on a list. You will need your Drivers License, proof of insurance and a current registration for the car you are driving. Your name will need to be listed on the registration.

Once through the gate, take an immediate left on DeJarnette. At stop sign take a left onto Beacon Beach Rd. The Base Education Center will be on the left about ½ mile down.

Park on the right side of the building and enter through the side door. The classroom is number 50.