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Parking and Traffic Regulations

Dothan Campus

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General Information

Parking Regulations are enforced 24 hours per day.

Campus Parking Maps are available at the Malone Hall Reception Desk.

Campus parking is divided into six areas labeled as E-1, E-2, E-3, W-1, W-2, W-3 and N-1. Parking regulations for each area are as follows:

W-1 & E-1 Student Parking and Event Parking

W-2 Faculty, Staff and Visitor Parking 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Student parking permitted after 5:00 p.m.

E-2 & W-3 Reserved for Faculty & Staff 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 6:00 a.m. to noon on Friday. Student parking permitted after 5:00 p.m. daily.

E-3 Reserved for Faculty & Staff only at all times. No Student Parking Anytime:

N-1 Student, Visitor, and general parking.
Note: Handicapped spaces are available in E1, W1, and W3. Visitor spaces are available in W2.

* A weekend is from noon on Friday until 6:00 A.M. on Monday.

Parking Regulations (Dothan)

The speed limit for motor vehicles on campus is 20 miles per hour except where slower speed is essential for safety. University regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Operating Permits (Dothan)

Parking permits are available at the reception desk in Malone Hall, Monday - Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Students, faculty, and staff must present a valid Troy University ID to obtain a parking permit. Those with handicapped tags or placards must bring the placard or tag receipt for verification. The vehicle must be registered to the student, staff or faculty member, to park in handicapped parking areas.

Student, Faculty and Staff ID Cards (Dothan)

All Students, Faculty, and Staff are required to maintain a valid University ID. IDs are made at the reception desk in Malone Hall, Monday - Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Those requiring an ID must present a governmental ID card with a photograph to verify identify prior to the issue of the ID card.

Vehicle Registration Fees (Non-Refundable)

Registration Fees are the same as the Troy Campus.

Parking Fines

Parking Fines are the same as the Troy Campus or as posted.

All fines are payable immediately at the Business Office, Malone Hall, room M-118.

Students attending classes at the Fort Rucker location are bound by the parking regulations in effect at that location.

Continuing Education students will be issued a parking permit by the Continuing Education Office, Adams Hall, room A-200.


Students may appeal a traffic/parking citation to the Traffic Appeals Committee provided appeal is filed with the SGA (Malone Hall, room M-103)within 72 hours after receiving the citation. THE DECISION OF THE TRAFFIC APPEALS COMMITTEE IS FINAL.

Troy Campus

Troy University Parking Map

General Information

Parking and Traffic regulations established in this brochure apply to all Alabama Campuses.  Procedures may vary at the Dothan, Montgomery and Phenix City Campus. 


Parking privileges are provided under established regulations which are designed to facilitate the work of the University.  For the safety and convenience of all concerned, the enforcement and administration of regulations governing motor vehicles on the campus shall apply to visitors, students, faculty, staff, and all others employed on the campus.

All student and employee (faculty and staff) permits expire August 1st annually.  Expired permits must be removed.

Registration of Vehicles

All vehicles must be properly registered in accordance with these regulations.

Registering your motor vehicle is part of the academic registration process at the beginning of each Fall Semester.  After Fall Semester registration you must register the vehicle the day you arrive on campus. University Police Department is located in Hamil Hall.

Registering another person’s vehicle is prohibited.

University Parking Permits are required to park at fraternity and sorority houses.

Students enrolled in evening and weekend classes must register their vehicles with the University Police Department.

Employee permits are available from the University Police Department.

Non-students (spouses/dependents) residing at any University owned property are required to obtain a parking permit.

Visitors are required to obtain a “Visitor Permit” from the University Police Department.

Persons substituting for a faculty or staff member should notify the University Police Department and obtain a temporary permit on day of arrival.

Temporary permits are available at the University Police Department for the convenience of those who will bring a vehicle on the campus for short periods of time.

Students moving on or off campus after receiving their initial decal (Resident or Commuter), must acquire the new appropriate decal from the University Police Department.  There is an additional $5.00 fee.

Vehicle Registration Fees (Non-Refundable)


Academic year $75.00
Summer session only, all permits $25.00
Motorcycles $25.00
Temporary permits $5.00 weekly
Replacement permits $10.00*
Visitor permits NC
Faculty and Staff-Academic Year  
Named Parking Spaces
(If the named space becomes vacant it will not be re-issued).   
Zoned Parking Spaces $100.00
Second and Subsequent decals $15.00
Note:  Prices are for Faculty/Staff vehicles only and can’t be used for dependents.
*Must bring in current decal to the University Police Department.

Display of Operating Permits

Each student and employee operating a motor vehicle on the campus is required to register the vehicle.  To be valid, the permit must be mounted (taping not permitted) per instructions with permit in the lower left hand corner of the rear glass behind the driver or in the case of a convertible the lower right hand corner (passenger side) of the windshield.  Motorcycles will be issued a metal washer with the permit number and expiration date stamped on it.  The metal washer will be attached to one of the license tag bolts.  Students will be given the appropriate colored permit that relates to either Residential or Commuter parking lots.  Loss or destruction of a permit shall be reported immediately to the University Police Department and a new permit must be purchased.  Any employee or student driving or parking on the campus without a permit will be in violation of these regulations.  Permits should be removed when student or employee, or the vehicle, is no longer connected with the University.  Permits must be removed from vehicles when sold or traded.  Documentation must be provided to the University Police Department before a new decal is issued.

Regulations/General Provisions

All city and state regulations and all directive signs governing the use of motor vehicles shall be observed at all times to include vehicles with loud music.

The speed limit for motor vehicles on campus is 25 miles per hour except where slower speed is essential for safety.

All vehicles must come to a complete stop at intersections where stop signs are located.  Motorists must give right-of-way to pedestrians.

Unnecessary noise from horns, radios and mufflers is strictly prohibited.

No parking at any time on yellow curbs or in No Parking areas.

No parking is permitted on unpaved areas of the campus unless the area is designated for parking.

Motor vehicles must be parked within the markers in all campus parking areas.  Parking on or over a line, curb, or backing into a parking space is a violation of regulations.

Parallel parking, where permitted, must be on right side of street.

Students and employees parking in a prohibited zone or visitor space will be subject to being wheel locked at their expense.

Loading zones and service zones are reserved exclusively for service vehicles and Physical Plant activities.

Vehicle owners must provide the University Police Department with their current license plate numbers.  When a new tag is issued owners must also provide this information immediately.

Transferring a permit from one vehicle to another is prohibited.  Vehicle permits will be displayed ONLY on the vehicle for which it was issued.  The owner and/or operator of a vehicle violating this section will be subject to disciplinary action in addition to a fine, and the permits shall be returned to the University Police Department to be cancelled.

When a vehicle is sold, traded, or wrecked, the owner is responsible for removing the current permit and registering the new vehicle.  Any violation noted against any permit number will be charged to the person to whom it was originally issued.  The operator to whom the parking permit was issued is responsible for any infractions involving the vehicle, unless the vehicle is reported stolen before the infraction occurs.

If a vehicle is found on campus in violation of any provisions of these regulations and the identity of the driver cannot be determined, the person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be held responsible for violations committed.

Employee reserved parking spaces will be used by the registered employee only.  Violators are subject to the loss of the reserved parking privilege.

Employees are not authorized to purchase an employee reserved or employee parking permit for anyone other than themselves. Violators are subject to the University disciplinary process.

The University reserves the right to regulate the use of motor vehicles on the campus and to forbid the use of a motor vehicle by any student, faculty, or staff member whose conduct in any way reflects failure to cooperate with published University parking and traffic regulations.

The University reserves the right after a reasonable attempt is made to contact owner, to remove and impound illegally parked or abandoned vehicles, and any vehicle found on campus without a permit, with an unauthorized or altered permit, with no license plate, or parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard to vehicles or pedestrians or to the movement and operation of emergency equipment.  The owner shall be responsible for cost involved in removing, impounding and storing of such vehicles.  The University shall not be liable for any damage to such vehicle occurring during removal or impoundment.

If a vehicle is inoperative and cannot be parked in a designated area, it is the registered operator’s responsibility to notify the University Police Department immediately.

Motorcycles and Motor Scooters

Unnecessary noise from mufflers is prohibited.

Passing on the right of other vehicles is prohibited.

Driving on sidewalks, lawns, recreation areas, playing fields, or within buildings is prohibited.

Speed zones and traffic signals are to be obeyed.

Parking regulations and penalties for motor vehicles are also applicable to motorcycles and motor scooters.

NOTE:  The use of emergency flashers while parked in a restricted area will not prevent the issuance of a citation.

Zone Parking Information

(Red Zone) will be used for students residing in University Housing in the following buildings. (Alumni, Clements, Dill, Gardner, Hamil, Pace, Cowart and Shackelford Halls)

(Black Zone) will be used for all other students, including those living in Fraternity, Sorority, Honors House, University Apartments or Hill Crest Housing.

(Open Lots) are those lots designed for any student, or staff member to park in any time day or night, as long as the appropriate parking decal is displayed on the vehicle.

Responsibility for finding an authorized space rests with the operator of each vehicle.  The lack of space in a certain area, or inclement weather will not alter any of the provisions of the parking regulations.  Timed spaces are provided around campus with a time limit stated on the curb.  These spaces may be used to transact University business ONLY.

Parking Violations

The following are violations that will result in a fine/citation.

  • Parking by yellow curb
  • Parking in a “No Parking” area
  • Backed into a parking space
  • No Permit on vehicle
  • Failure to remove old permit
  • Transferring permit to another vehicle
  • Parking on or over a line
  • Excessive speed    
  • Parking in a visitor space
  • Parking or driving on grass
  • Parking in the wrong zone
  • Overtime parking
  • Double Parking
  • Parking in Handicap Space
  • Parking in service space
  • Blocking Handicap Ramp
  • Reserved Parking
  • Altering to parking decal
  • Permit improperly mounted
  • Wrong Way on one-way Street
  • Fire Lane
  • Blocking/parking behind another vehicle
  • Littering        

Violations of parking and traffic regulations will subject the violator to fines.

Wheel Lock Procedure and Policies

University Police will use “WHEEL LOCKS” for the following reasons:

  • Five (5) or more unpaid citations or tickets totaling $150.00.
  • Failure to have a permit on the vehicle, after three (3) citations and verification that the vehicle is being used by a Student or Employee.
  • Illegally parked in a Handicap space or any restricted area.
  • Parking/driving on grass.


Enforcement Hours

Enforcement of University regulations begins the first day of registration. Faculty and Staff parking is enforced between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Except during official University holidays, General traffic regulations and parking spaces in vicinity of residence halls are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Parking Fines

Parking fines will be $15 for each offense except those listed below:

Moving Violation $75.00
  • Speeding
  • Running Stop Signs/Red Lights
  • Wrong Way on One-Way Street

Note:  Persons ticketed for reckless driving or driving under the influence will be referred to Local Municipal Court, and forfeit driving privileges on campus for a minimum of 90 days for the first offense. Subsequent violations could result in permanent revocation of driving privileges on campus and additional disciplinary action.

A $75.00 fine will be levied for the following violations:

  • Handicap Parking and blocking Handicap Ramp (Vehicle must be properly identified with appropriate handicap credentials belonging to operator of vehicle.)
  • Littering (Students, Faculty, and Staff are requested to help keep the University free from litter and waste.  Persons found guilty of littering are subject to provisions of state law.)
  • Fire Lane
  • Service Areas/Loading Docks
  • Blocking Dumpster (TOW AWAY ZONE)
  • Noise Ordinance

Wheel lock removal $50 except when parked on grass $100

When in violation of the parking regulations the registered owner is solely responsible and all penalties apply even though a ticket was claimed not to have been found on the vehicle.

Payment of outstanding fines shall be prerequisite to completing registration for any term.

Students who accumulate excessive traffic/parking fines during any one semester will be subject to disciplinary action.  This could result in the vehicle being towed and on-campus driving privileges being suspend.

All fines and fees are payable immediately at the Box Office in the Adams Administration Building.


Students may appeal a traffic/parking ticket to the Traffic Appeals Court provided appeal is filed with the SGA (Trojan Center Room 215) within 72 hours after receiving the ticket.  THE DECISION OF THE TRAFFIC APPEALS COURT IS FINAL.

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