Surveying & Geomatics Sciences Program

Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program

Our Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program at Troy University is an excellent choice to meet your educational objectives. It is small enough to provide the personal attention you deserve in one-on-one student advising and small class sizes, but big enough to provide the facilities and advanced technical equipment necessary to understand the fundamental concepts of your chosen profession.

Our program is easily described as a 'practical' program with a focus. Our objective is to provide you with the knowledge, communications skills, and ability to successfully pursue a career as a geomatics professional. Being an ABET accredited Program, the quality of education is at a national and international standard. ABET accreditation was achieved initially August 2010, and was renewed in August 2017 (receiving no concerns, no deficiencies, and no weakness recommendations), after a full review evaluation for another six years until September 2023.

The program began in 1998, and consist of a curriculum to meet the current demands of the various professions under the umbrella of Geomatics. The program is guided by an Advisory Board of recognized professionals in the field. Our curriculum is taught by our distinguished faculty who are able to teach the latest theory in the field, and have a basis in practical work experience to share with students.  All of our Geomatics classes have a laboratory component, which give students hands on experience with both the various hardware and software in the Geomatics field.

The program is a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying and Geomatics Sciences. The core courses provide a study of the several sub disciplines in Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program includes: land surveying, land development, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geodesy, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Scanning and Drone technologies, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Our program has the active support of the Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors. Students (ASPLS). Students can apply for ASPLS scholarships and also facilitate free attendance to the Society's conferences held in Alabama. There are other Troy University scholarships available to our students, in addition to the National scholarships for which our students can apply.

Each student is encouraged to gain a minimum of two summer's work experience (Coops) in his/her sub discipline of geomatics before graduation. The benefit to the student is the opportunity to gain valuable work experience; work with future colleagues; gets credit which is counted to their degree; gets the opportunity to prove to a potential employer that the student will be an asset to the organization, and be offered a position upon their graduation; and to personally experience working in your career field. Work experience gained before graduation will provide a higher paying job because employers will typically reward the student for being able to produce products immediately upon hire.

Graduates find numerous job options upon their graduation.  We have had students who did summer Coops, being immediately employed upon graduation by the organizations they worked with while enrolled in the Program. Students have many job options upon graduation which includes all of the various fields under the Geomatics umbrella. Refer to our Facebook page for our collection of job postings. Search for Troy University Geomatics or select the following link:

Join our Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program at Troy University. Contact us to discuss how the Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program can meet your individual needs and career objectives.


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