Undergraduate Programs

Academic Programs

Programs offered to international students are located on the Program Grid. Click on INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS, then choose the desired campus at the left of the screen.

Please review specific requirements for your academic program in the undergraduate catalog.

Admissions documents for international students (please email to intladm@troy.edu)

  1. International Application
  2. Application fee of $50.00 (paid through https://www.peertransfer.com/school/troy/)
  3. Official copy of transcripts or results for education years 10-12 AND diploma (provisional or official)
  4. Financial support statement (original bank statement and sponsor letter); more information below.
  5. Passport identification page with machine readable code visible when possible
  6. Medical Form
  7. Housing Application for on campus housing
  8. English test: official TOEFL test overall score 61 or official IELTS test score 5.5 bands overall. Pearson Test of English, SAT and ACT results will also be considered.

Note: English as a Second Language courses are provided at the Troy Campus. English proficiency placement test is available upon arrival. Contact: intlrecruit@troy.edu to request an updated list of accepted English speaking, learning and teaching situations. We look forward to welcoming you!

Diplomas and Transcripts

Official copies of high school diploma, and transcripts or mark sheets should be submitted both in the native language and in English (if original is not in English)

Language Proficiency:

  1. If Troy University does not receive an official TOEFL or IELTS score, any acceptance letter and I20 issued will remark that English as a Second Language classes are required until English proficiency is achieved. Please remark your pending test and exam dates when submitting documents to prevent duplication and delays.
  2. Original TOEFL score must be sent to Troy University directly from The Educational Testing Services (ETS) via institution code is 1738. Student test score copies are not acceptable for admission.
  3. Student copies of IELTS scores may be used for admission consideration.

Financial Information

Bank Statement
The bank statement should not be older than six months. The bank statement should include its address, e-mail, web address, phone number, and reflect bank transactions of the past 6 months. If the bank statement is not in English, please make sure you also provide the translation.

Sponsor Letter
If the bank statement is not in the applicant’s name, an original sponsor letter should be provided as well. The person whose name is on the bank statement should provide a letter stating the relationship to the applicant and is willing to sponsor the applicant while the person is a student at Troy University. The letter should be signed and dated. If the sponsor letter is not in English, please make sure you also provide the translation.
If the sponsor is a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, the sponsor should complete form I-134 (Affidavit of Support), have it notarized and sent to our office in lieu of the sponsor letter. The I-134 form may be found at http://www.uscis.gov/forms.

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